Diễn Viên Frankie Fettuccini

Frankie Fettuccini

We have a tasty treat in store for you in the form of dapper Philadelphian, Frankie Fettuccini! This self-described ‘smart, handsome and hilarious’ heartthrob is currently studying to be a realtor in Las Vegas – that’s when he isn’t fantasizing about getting his impressive seven-inch dick beat by beautiful women! Besides eating tight pussies, Frankie’s favorite food is gnocchi carbonara, and he enjoys spending any free time hanging out with his ‘smoking hot’ girlfriend and their pet cat. However, there is another side to this seemingly regular, happy-go-lucky guy, who revealed that he occasionally indulges in a painful pleasure: human suspension! Watch this hidden maverick unleash his cumshots all over the top female stars in porn by checking out his sexy scenes below.

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