MIAA-835 Group fuck of a new transfer student...

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Sumire Kuramoto is a new transfer student. She loves physical education so she often goes to swimming practice at the school's swimming pool. Her teacher is a pervert who loves swimsuits. He secretly installs cameras to secretly film students. And when he saw her body in a swimsuit, he was attracted to her. Under the pretext of helping her learn to swim, he repeatedly used his dirty hands to touch her body. Sumire Kuramoto also accidentally discovered his camera, but she didn't think he was was the culprit and handed it over to him. Only when his actions became more and more outrageous did she learn the true nature of this person. But it was too late, he made her unconscious and used his phone to take pictures, threaten and threaten her. forcing her to listen to him. And from then on, Sumire Kuramoto was forced to listen to the perverted teacher's words, accept his request and let him fuck her anytime he wanted.