PPPD-408 She brought her lover home to play and was robbed by her

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Mika and I have known each other for a while, today I was invited to her house. On the way, Mika, fearing that I would be confused, told me in advance about her sister, Ai-san. Her older sister has a habit of being... naked at home! Even though I called ahead to get my sister ready, when I got home and met Ai-san, I could see her nipples clearly showing through her thin shirt! Not only that, while we were eating cake together, Ai-san kept rubbing my cock with his foot, causing me to drop my chopsticks on the floor. When I bent down to pick it up, before my eyes, Ai-san's pussy was completely exposed because she wasn't wearing any underwear!!! Ai-san continuously used her big breasts to seduce me, I gradually couldn't take it anymore and started fucking her like crazy! The feeling of secretly fucking each other when my girlfriend is nearby and especially when I get to play naked!!! Unlike Mika, Ai-san allowed me to play naked and ejaculate inside her! The pleasure of fucking Ai-san made me no longer able to get hard when fucking my girlfriend. I immediately left to find Ai-san. And then Mika also found out, but I ignored everything, I wanted to fuck Ai-san, wanted to enjoy the feeling of her big breasts and the pleasure of playing naked. And in the end, I broke up with Mika and dated her older sister...